Where can I buy LUKIT® fasteners?

You can buy LUKIT® products directly from Taimeka Oy. LUKIT® is also available from well stocked hardware stores and manufacturers of insulation panels when placing an order for the panels.

What material is LUKIT® made of?

LUKIT® is made of recyclable 1 mm galvanized steel.

Is LUKIT® suitable for XPS panels?


Why is LUKIT® useful?

LUKIT® makes installing thermal insulation panels faster, improves energy efficiency, and increases work site safety, with no need to have construction workers shoveling gravel alongside excavators.

How many LUKIT® fasteners are needed?

Generally, 2 to 3 LUKIT® catches are needed per attached panel.

Where is LUKIT® manufactured?

LUKIT® is manufactured in Finland, at Taimeka Oy facilities in Lahti.

Is manufacturing of LUKIT® ethical?

Yes. Taimeka Oy is a Finnish company, abiding by Finnish law, taking care of wellbeing of personnel, using LED lightning on site, with all energy use being free from fossil fuels. All scrap metal from manufacturing is recycled to steel.

Is LUKIT® required by Building Control?

Not yet, however, in for example in Sweden it is required to attach insulation panels in public construction work.

What is LUKIT® used for?

LUKIT® fasteners are used for attaching frost, floor, and other horizontal EPS Styrofoam and XPS urethane panels together.

How does LUKIT® work?

LUKIT® fasteners are pressed on top of insulation panels, binding the panels together. Applying LUKIT catches only takes a few seconds but helps avoid potential major issues further on.