How LUKIT® works

LUKIT® fasteners are used for attaching frost, floor, and other horizontal EPS Styrofoam and XPS urethane panels. The catch is also suitable for fastening vertical plinth insulation panels and pipe insulation.
LUKIT® fasteners are pressed on the surface of the insulation panels, binding the panels together. Applying the LUKIT® catches takes only a few seconds, yet it helps you to avoid major issues further on.


How to apply LUKIT®


Step 1

Hold the insulation panels together and press the LUKIT® catch to the panels with your feet or hand. The design of the LUKIT® fastener automatically presses the panels together. Use the fasteners as needed in horizontal and vertical seams. You need approximately two fasteners per square meter.


Step 2

Now the panels are tightly fastened. When no gaps are left between panels, and no gravel falling in, you will avoid major issues further on. While installing panels around drains or similar areas, use multiple fasteners.


Step 3

Begin gravel filling after applying the fasteners. Construction workers do not need to work simultaneously with excavators, improving work safety.


Step 4

If needed, you may detach the LUKIT® fasteners and re-use them.