LUKIT® fastener for thermal insulation panels for every construction site

LUKIT® fastener connects thermal insulation panels together. With LUKIT®, you will make sure that no gaps are left between thermal insulation panels, and no sand or stones gets in between panels.

Tightly installed insulation panels are the basis of good energy efficiency. Gaps left during the installation of thermal insulation panels corrupt the energy efficiency for the entire insulated area as heath lost is divided under the panels. Traditionally thermal insulation panels are installed with gravel on top as weight, yet this can lead to insulation panels moving and gravel falling in between the panels. Removing the gravel afterwards is difficult and slow.

When insulation panels are fastened with the LUKIT® catch already in the installation phase, the panels cannot displace during gravel filling and other construction work.

Make sure to get LUKIT® fasteners every time you are building.

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Developed and produced in Finland


Easy to use

LUKIT® fastener is pressed on the surface of the insulation panels, binding the panels together. Installing LUKIT® fasteners takes only a few seconds, while helping to avoid major issues further on. LUKIT® fasteners are suitable for installing both EPS Styrofoam and XPS panels.


Recommended by professionals

Insulation manufacturers and construction professionals recommend using LUKIT® fasteners. Building control should pay attention to the installation of thermal insulation panels, as fixing mistakes afterwards can be cumbersome and costly.

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Quality for building

LUKIT® fastener provides benefits for both small builders and professional construction. LUKIT® is used in building houses, infrastructure construction, as well as binding insulation panels in concrete floor casting. Another application for LUKIT® is installing heat pipes.


Efficiency and safety

Using LUKIT® increases work safety by decreasing simultaneous use of machines during the installation of thermal panels. LUKIT® attaches the panels at one go, removing unnecessary repair work.




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How to use LUKIT® fasteners?

LUKIT® fasteners are pressed on the surface of the insulation panels, binding the panels together.

Applying the LUKIT® catches takes only a few seconds, yet it helps you to avoid major issues further on.

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